Ansprechpartner Dr. Mario Henry Meuthen:
Certified Tax Consultant, Master of Science



Inheritance tax law and succession planning
Taxation of internationally active companies and persons
Business valuations in corporate transactions and shareholder swaps
Business consulting in the field of process optimization and the introduction of new controlling instruments
Tax advice to start-ups, in particular on financing, choice of legal form and public funding
Conducting teaching assignments and training


Ausgewählte Publikationen:

The external mandatory rotation as a tool for the deconcentration of the audit market?, In: Zeitschrift für Corporate Governance (ZCG) 6/2018, pp. 265-270. The Debt Equity Swap as a restructuring-favoring legal institution? in: The Auditing (WPg) 7/2018, pp. 453-460 [together with S. Eickmann].
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Does the auditor have the task of preventing aggressive tax arrangements? -Fiscal instrumentalization of the auditor, in: Tax and Economy (StuW) 4/2017, p. 361-376.
The causes of the existing audit market concentration in the light of the transaction cost theory, in: Journal of Corporate Governance (ZCG) 4/2017, pp. 175-181.
The tax law between creditor protection and restructuring culture. An analysis from a legal-historical, normative and model-oriented perspective, in: Steuer und Wirtschaft (StuW) 4/2016, pp. 354-365 [together with C.-Chr. Freidank].


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