Our Payroll Accounting Services

Implementation and preparation of electronic payroll accounts based on data submitted to us


Among others, we offer the following services:


Ongoing payroll accounting for managing directors, employees, employees in trade and industry (construction industry), interns, marginally employed (“geringfügig beschäftigt”), student assistants, inclusive of all services such as cost-center accounting documentation, vacation and sick days statistics.

Preparation of:
Certificates, e.g. for Germany’s Employment Agency
Statistics, e.g. for German State Offices
Notifications to trade/professional associations
Notification pertaining to compensation levy for non-employment of the severely disabled (“Schwerbehindertenabgabe”)
Reimbursement claims for pay-as-you-go pensions
Monitoring of new regulations vis-à-vis tax and social security law
Contact for employees, health insurers and tax authorities
Preparation of DATEV archive CDs including pay roll records for audits
Support during audits carried out by the tax authorities and German Pension Insurance (Deutsche Rentenversicherung)
Support in determining the health insurance status (Statusfeststellungsverfahren) of partners and directors

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